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April - July 2014

Buchnarr, 1494. Ware! Ware! Ware the Book-Fool!


25 July 2014

recent reading

All arts, all sciences, to do with nothing now but light and motion.

— Greer Gilman. Exit, Pursued by a Bear. Small Beer Press, [2014]. Or, Ben Jonson visits the booksellers in 1610 : that reading moment when something unexpected appears, perfect and inevitable as moonrise, and earlier threads and phrases glow in a new light. As deft and concise, and as tragic, as last year’s Cry Murder ! in a small voice.

— Peter Dickinson. A Summer in the Twenties (1981). Small Beer Press, [2014]. General Strike, decayed gentry, cryptofascism.

— Walt Whitman’s New York. From Manhattan to Montauk. Edited by Henry M. Christman (1963).

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10 July 2014

In the Bindery

The Private Life of Books has been printed and is in the bindery. A glimpse of the first, advance, and review copies :

Become a subscriber to the book, here. Your correspondent will be at Readercon in Burlington, Mass., Friday through Sunday, 11-13 July, with a copy of the book to display.

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