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December 2010

Buchnarr, 1494. Ware! Ware! Ware the Book-Fool!


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27 December 10

Very Few Letters

— [T. E. Lawrence]. To tell you that in future I shall write very few letters. T. E. S.  Printed card, [February 1935], sent by Lawrence to his correspondents in early 1935. O’Brien A161. An uncommon piece of ephemera.

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Effective with this post the Endless Bookshelf will adopt a new, monthly schedule for updates. The next sections of the Endless Bookshelf will appear on 27 January 2011.

Marginal notes about current and recent reading will still continue to appear in the interval. Readers are especially encouraged to send lists of The Last Three (books read), which now cumulates here. (And if you are looking for suggestions for reading, The Last Three is as eclectic