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Autumn 2007

Buchnarr, 1494. Ware! Ware! Ware the Book-Fool!

21 December 07

Books at work (part of an ongoing series) :

Above my desk : bibliographies, reference, miscellaneous, and oddball.

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20 December 07

Books at work (part of an ongoing series) :

   —  from Jacob Macmurray, "an intern in the design department at the Payseur & Schmidt Seattle Office. . . . Mostly my design books, sf reference, pulps, and misc."


I enjoyed reading the latest P&S title :  And Now We Are Going To Have a Party : Liner Notes from a Writer’s Life  by Nicola Griffith. And right now I am signing off to return to Our Mutual Friend  by Charles Dickens.

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6 November 07

Back from my travels  :

View in Gangtok, Sikkim

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6 November 07

Avram Davidson Tribute
at the Melville Gallery, South Street Seaport, 213 Water Street, New York City
7:00 p.m., 6 November 2007 — TONIGHT !

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1 October 07

What Can be Saved from the Wreckage ?
It’s 4:30 a.m. on Monday 1 October, the special copies of Michael Swanwick’s new book What Can be Saved from the Wreckage ? are all bound ; the presentation copies will be sent out today and subscribers will receive their copies in the next several days.
In designing the binding, I interpreted the title literally and so each of the 17 copies includes a bifolium leaf signed by Cabell, with a binding of salvaged boards and (where possible) endsheets of the original Storisende edition.


I will be away from regular e-mail for the next while, so there will be no new entries : read a book or walk in the woods instead . . . 
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